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No Audio on SteamDeck [SOLVED]

Posted: 07 May 2022, 02:25
by Rakka
Hello! Just wanted to know if anyone tried running the game on the steamdeck?
I tried with the linux game engine and the windows one via proton but neither those have sound.
I also tried the different tips that I found here such as trying different audioformat or launching the game with alsa driver but none of those things worked. Does anyone have any idea? =D

Re: No Audio on SteamDeck [SOLVED]

Posted: 09 May 2022, 20:21
by Rakka
Wellll.... I'm just dumb xD
I just try to reset the game from the config menu and leave everything as default and everything work!
I also used the linux runtime soldier as compatibility option, don't know if it was linked too, but the game works now, launched from the steam interface, so 100% compatible steam deck ;)
edit: its even dumber, the a button by default is mapped to mute... If anyone want to play the game, just use the mouse only config...TT