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Where to Get a PC Copy

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Where to Get a PC Copy

Post by TDKitten »


Sorry to bother you all, but I recently ordered a PS3 copy of Umineko off eBay. When I received it and looked up how to get a digital copy for the second part of the password on the site, it didn't have a place for me to buy one and instead offered to give me the second part of the password if I promised to buy a digital copy as soon as one was available. I obliged, but when I used the second half of the password it gave me in conjunction with the first to attempt to extract an archive downloaded from Mega (note: in case this is important, the first archive hasn't been downloaded yet because Mega is difficult to work with), it failed to work. (In this album is both proof that I own the PS3 copy and screenshots of the process I sued to get to this point in case there are any errors in it: https://imgur.com/a/mJNHMQm .)

The site warned me that the password it gave me could be faulty, so I think I need an actual PC copy of the game. Does anyone know of a good place to get one so I can complete the installation process for the patch?
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Re: Where to Get a PC Copy

Post by vit9696 »

HI, you should open the 001 part and all the other parts must be in the same directory. 7zip will automatically use them.
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