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EP5 ??? Tea Party "Promise" subtitles

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EP5 ??? Tea Party "Promise" subtitles

Post by YNagato »

In EP5 ??? Tea Party, when the song "Promise" plays, the subtitles do not show, even though the song gets a subtitles aas file for it.

When the same song is played in Omake, it shows the subtitles without issues.

May I suggest we make the subtitles available in the EP5 ??? Tea Party as well? The only thing we need to do is change the script line "bgmplay 132,80,0" into:

bgmplay2 132,80,0
lsp 2,"*8"

The sony's lyric really enhances the atmosphere. It certainly helps If the subtitles can show within the game itself.
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Re: EP5 ??? Tea Party "Promise" subtitles

Post by vit9696 »

This is intentional to avoid the distraction for the end user. I do not think we will change this, as this is particularly why the omake was created.
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