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Umineko censorship in EP7 and other episodes

Any non-technical Umineko-related stuff.
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Umineko censorship in EP7 and other episodes

Post by Uminekonakuquestion »

Hello Umineko Project,

I have a few questions.
1. I was wondering what kind of censorship this quote was referring to in EP7. Was it referring to (NSFW just to be sure)
[+] Spoiler
the incest or also something else
? If I am wrong can you correct me and tell me what exactly was being censored?
2. Did Umineko Project manage to remove the censorship in EP7 and all the other episodes?
3. Did Umineko Project only remove 2 songs, CG and the references?
4. Also I heard there was an alcohol scene. Is this still in the release of Umineko project?
5. Is the violence toned down or not?
6. The rest is the same as the Steam and WH version right?
Sorry for my bad English. I can't really write or read in English.
Below we tried to list the key points about the translation:
- The UP script is an extremely thorough translation of the PS3 game that used the original WH translation as a starting point. The changes from the original WH script are extensive and comparable to the difference between the old and new WH translations. Because it is a translation of the PS3 game, it matches up with the PS3 game, not the original PC script.
- PS3 censorship/changes were not as extensive as Higurashi's PS2 release. However, there were some impactful changes made to important parts of EP7 etc.
- There were certain lines where the (normally fairly limited) PS3 censorship was both impactful to the story and easily fixed, and for those we restored the PC version lines. This includes the previously mentioned EP7 censorship, which we went to some pains to reverse.
- The non-impactful changes, where we did not restore the PC version lines, include some trademark removals (Doraemon, Touhou references, etc.). These remain "censored" in the UP release (because it is a translation of the PS3 game, and yes, as you mention, to avoid discrepancies with the audio).
- In general, the PS3 changes were not wholly negative, and included some genuine fixes to things like the number of cousins being incorrect at the beginning of episode 1, characters referring to others by the wrong term, etc. We tried to fix censorship (where it did not interfere with the audio) but preserve fixes. In our view, there is some element of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" in restoring all the PC version lines.
- Other issues with the translation have been reported on the forums and addressed over a period of years, including a limited amount of fixes drawn from or inspired by the latest WH release.
- The WH translation patch should be 1:1 to the PC release and should preserve all the original references. However, we have not played through this patch and cannot say for sure whether any difficult edge cases have been carefully handled.
These are probably stupid questions to ask but i am just really curious.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Umineko censorship in EP7 and other episodes

Post by Deca »

1/2 - Yes. Some voice files in EP 7 were edited to match with the original dialogue. "Where narration permitted, we recovered original dialogue. Where original recordings existed on the disc, we catalogued them and put them back in. Sometimes we added grimoire entries."

3 - Original songs can be unlocked in the music box (you can edit music files to play with the originals); there's no CG censorship. References have been restored or added to the grimoire.

4 - Yes. Where narration permitted, we recovered original dialogue.

5 - No.

6 - If your question is solely about the text, basically yes, but Steam/WH's version doesn't match 100% with the dub; not all console changes are censorship — some are edits or corrections. The original Japanese text was filled with typos.

I'm not sure about others languages (ru/cn), but portuguese translation is the most faithful to the original text, without creating obvious inconsistencies with the voices.
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