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iOS/Windows 10 Saves Question

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iOS/Windows 10 Saves Question

Post by umiproquestion »

So I just recently got Umineko Project on iOS, and it’s been working great so far. But I’ve been wanting to switch to Windows 10 for a while now.

Is there any way at all to get the save files from iOS without being jailbroken? And also, is there any way to sync the save files between both iOS and Windows 10? I highly doubt that’s possible, but I was thinking maybe it could work with iCloud or something. But yeah, I highly doubt it but still curious though
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Re: iOS/Windows 10 Saves Question

Post by vit9696 »

See https://umineko-project.org/en/frequent ... questions/:
— Where are the saves stored? How to use iCloud sync?

iTunes or any other utility allows you to copy iOS app files. Saves are in the root directory.
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