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Does Streaming For a Small Group Violate Copyright?

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Does Streaming For a Small Group Violate Copyright?

Post by TDKitten »

Thanks to the forum members on here, I managed to fully download and unpack the game, and thank you for that. However, my primary reason for paying to obtain the PS3 copy I needed to get the full password for the Umineko Project port was so I could show my friends the best Umineko experience possible, as they said they couldn't get into it on their own and needed an active reading group.

I tried streaming it over Discord for them, but the game kept crashing without warning, and when I checked to see if I had the same issue while playing on my own, nothing came up. As far as I can tell, the copyright message (https://umineko-project.org/en/copyright-message/) doesn't explicitly forbid streaming for a small group as long as you don't distribute the code to them, although I may be reading it wrong. Is there a script that detects streaming and shuts down the game?

Currently, as soon as I right-click at the file verification screen (where it says a few files have been modified, although I don't know why other than maybe it's because I unpacked the game files a second time after I unpacked them to the wrong directory the first time) while streaming on Discord, the game immediately shuts down, although previous attempts let it continue unobstructed for a few lines into the Episode 1 Prologue.
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Re: Does Streaming For a Small Group Violate Copyright?

Post by vit9696 »


Your game looks outdated. You did not install extra_31.12.20.7z over the existing files. Once you do that, the message should disappear.

We do not forbid streaming, it is some technical issue on your end. I believe several people streamed Umineko previously without any issues, perhaps you should try different streaming software?
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Re: Does Streaming For a Small Group Violate Copyright?

Post by ooa »

I'm assuming you're on Windows. If so, this is Discord's fault -- whatever they're doing to capture the game results in a video driver crash whenever sprite expressions change. The current workaround is to change the game's renderer from OpenGL to either of the ANGLE options in the settings before starting the stream.
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