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Custom dialogues/собственные диалоги

Any non-technical Umineko-related stuff.
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Custom dialogues/собственные диалоги

Post by Nihon »

Hello everyone, there are many custom courtroom scene generators for Ace Attorney, however, I could not find any for Umineko. I want to create a short video with the characters, colourfull texts and some sound and visual effects from the game. Can anyone give me a tip?

Даров, я не смог найти ни одного генератора кастомных диалогов по чайкам, никто не может подсказать, что мне делать?
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Re: Custom dialogues/собственные диалоги

Post by ooa »

From experience, you're best off grabbing the sprites, music, etc, from the game folder, stuffing them all into a Renpy project and going from there.
ONScripter-RU itself is certainly a very powerful engine but it's ill-documented and would take a long time to figure out for something as basic as this, so I'd advise against trying to do anything with it.
I know of no online tools that'd do this. There used to be a "screenshot generator", but it's down by this point, it used the OG graphics, and it only made static images. To the best of my knowledge there's nothing similar that ever showed up since.
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