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Spanish Team Request

Posted: 18 Jul 2019, 09:22
by Spanish_Goat
Greetings from the Umineko's fandom hispanic community.

We are a growing group of Umineko's titles lovers. We worked hard to complete the translation of the visual novel in our language a few years ago. We have the 8 whole episodes translated.

Your work is really awesome, so I will go to the point:

First, I have to ask if you can give us "green light" to add a new language for Umineko Project. I just need a hand to edit the "en.file" in order to change it to spanish. Is there a method to create a script with our translation? I noticed there is an script called "en.file" on the Umineko Project folder. When I saw it, I thought there is a possibility to make a new one using the english file like a reference. I dont know what kind of software can compile It. We translated Umineko editing ONScripter's files from the original game.

Then, leaving this petition in your hands, I will say goodbye.

P.s. We are Witch Hunt relatives. "" 7th Inquisition.

Re: Spanish Team Request

Posted: 18 Jul 2019, 10:40
by vit9696
Hey, we believe this is doable. Basically we have a localisation pack with most of graphics and text extracted to dedicated files convenient for translation. Story texts differ a little from the original, so you will have to make an editing pass on the game, and it will not be an easy walk. Additionally you will also have to do graphics editing and simple script coding.

Could you please contact us in private (send me a PM and add knox and Giza as additional receptionists) and tell a bit more details about your team, intents, and plans. Thanks!

Re: Spanish Team Request

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 23:36
by Scramel
Hey! I'm interested in knowing how's going. Will the Spanish translation be a thing?