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It's me again (issue lunching the game)

Posted: 02 Nov 2018, 05:50
by helpinghand
Well sorry I'm again bothering here but I have a new issue..
Today I lunched the game and the game wont start

(it asks me to press any key to continue and then it just closes and nothing)

I was playing normally yesterday and didn't touch or changed anything

I tried with onscripter-ru_win_r3130 too but same thing

what is going on :shock:

Code: Select all

Usage: onscripter-ru [option ...]
     --cdaudio                    use CD audio if available
     --waveout-audio              use the windows waveform audio driver (instead
 of Direct Sound)
     --match-audiodevice-to-bgm   reset audio to match bgm specs
     --nomatch-audiodevice-to-bgm don't reset audio to match bgm specs (default)

     --registry file              set a registry file
     --dll file                   set a dll file
     --english                    set preferred text mode to English (default)
     --japanese                   set preferred text mode to Japanese
 -r, --root path                  set the root path to the game
 -s, --save path                  set the path to use for saved games
     --disable-icloud             do not store saved games in iCloud for Windows

     --current-user-appdata       use the current user's AppData folder instead
of AllUsers' AppData
     --use-console                use Windows Console for application output
     --use-logfile                use out.txt and err.txt for application output

     --use-app-icons              use the icns for the current application, if b
     --gameid id                  set game identifier (like with
     --game-script                set game script filename
     --fullscreen                 start in fullscreen mode
     --window                     start in window mode
     --scale                      scale game to native display size when in full
screen mode.
     --window-width width         set preferred window width
     --force-png-alpha            always use PNG alpha channels
     --force-png-nscmask          always use NScripter-style masks
     --detect-png-nscmask         detect PNG alpha images that actually use mask
     --force-button-shortcut      ignore useescspc and getenter command
     --automode-time time         default time at clickwaits before continuing,
when in automode
     --voicedelay-time time       additional delay after playing the voices, whe
n in automode (default: 650)
     --voicewait-time time        additional delay before automatic voice contin
uation (default: 500)
     --final-voicedelay-time time additional delay after playing the final voice
 in a dialogue, when in automode (overrides voicedelay-time)
     --nsa-offset offset          use byte offset x when reading arc*.nsa files
     --allow-color-type-only      syntax option for only recognizing color type
for color arguments
     --enable-wheeldown-advance   advance the text on mouse wheeldown event
     --set-tag-page-origin-to-1   syntax option for setting 'gettaglog' origin t
o 1 instead of 0
     --answer-dialog-with-yes-ok  have 'yesnobox' and 'okcancelbox' give 'yes/ok
' result
     --audiodriver dev            set the SDL_AUDIODRIVER to dev
     --audiobuffer size           set the audio buffer size in kB (default: 2)
     --audioformat format         set the audio format (choose from s8, u8, s16,
 u16, s32, f32)
     --renderer-blacklist list    comma-separated list of disabled renderers (ch
oose from GL2, GLES2, GLES3, ANGLE2, ANGLE3)
     --prefer-renderer name       try using this renderer first of all
     --d3dcompiler compiler.dll   hlsl shader compiler library for angle (e.g. d
     --force-vsync                forces vsync (default on Windows)
     --try-late-swap              tries late swap vsync mode (default on other O
     --no-texture-reuse           forces freed textures deletion
     --texture-upload style       set preferred texture uploading fallback (ramc
opy or perrow, GLES2 only)
     --no-glclear                 workaround for visual glitches on some specifi
c hardware
     --render-self mode           workaround for certain drivers not supporting
rendering to self (auto, yes, no)
     --simulate-reads             workaround for visual glitches on some specifi
c hardware
     --hwdecoder state            pass on/off to enable/disable hardware video d
ecoder (default: on)
     --hwconvert state            pass on/off to enable/disable hardware format
conversion (default: on)
     --breakup mode               pass new/old/newintel to enable/disable new br
eakup effect (default: new)
     --glassbreak mode            pass new/old to enable/disable new glassbreak
effect (default: new)
     --texlimit size              set the maximum texture dimensions (in pixels)

     --chunklimit size            set the maximum texture chunk size (in bytes)
     --mouse-scrollmul mul        set mouse scroll multipler and direction
     --touch-scrollmul mul        set touch scroll multipler and direction
     --full-clip-limit            reduces visible fullscreen area to mitigate ed
ge artifacts on some resolutions
     --ramlimit size              set the amount of ram available on your system
 in megabytes
     --strict                     treat warnings more like errors
     --debug                      generate runtime debugging output (use multipl
e times to increase debug level)
     --check-file-case            attempt to check file case on case-insensitive
 file systems
     --show-fps                   display a ms/frame counter in the window title

     --force-fps value            override all fps changes to this value
     --cursor                     set cursor parameters: hide, show, auto are su
pported (default: auto)
     --pad-map                    provide custom button mapping for a gamepad
     --prefer-rumble              specify preferred method of gamepad rumble (sd
     --font-overrides             provides custom font mapping interface
     --font-multiplier            provides custom font scaling interface
 -h, --help                       show this help and exit
 -v, --version                    show the version information and exit
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Re: It's me again (issue lunching the game)

Posted: 02 Nov 2018, 09:42
by vit9696
Hi, you most likely have invalid data in ons.cfg. You can either correct or remove this file.

Re: It's me again (issue lunching the game)

Posted: 03 Nov 2018, 07:11
by helpinghand
ok, i removed it from the folder tried to start the game and obviously didnt start then add it back and now it works fine again, weird since i didnt edit anything.
Thanks again!