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Translation comparison discussion

Any non-technical Umineko-related stuff.
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Re: Translation comparison discussion

Post by tjuhola3 »

Knox wrote:
17 May 2018, 16:40
tjuhola3 wrote:
17 May 2018, 14:21
I actually have a question on regarding episode 5's ???
[+] Spoiler
When Erika has her meltdown, instead of her repeating word "It can't" isn't she suppose to repeat the word "Impossible"?
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Literally speaking, what Erika is saying (不可, fuka) is closer to "impossible" than "it can't", yes. The main reason we went for "it can't" is that it matches the voicing of fuka's two syllables better and something felt awkward about repeating "impossible" over and over -- it's a more clunky word than 不可. What do you think, is a change to "impossible" worth it?

Side note: in the original Witch Hunt translation, the 不可不可不可... was translated as one word "impossible" appearing one letter at a time, instead of being repeated. They probably had to do that -- the script asked for each 不可 to appear quickly, and a long word like "impossible" would have taken too long to appear. Our circumstances are different -- we have to deal with voice and we have less demanding script requirements -- so we changed it to a repetition instead.
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Ooh I understand and I don't think it really is worth it to change it. I can easily see how "it can't"
fits more well for the speed of her repeating it. Just was a small thing I started wonder. Thank you for the explanation.

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